Lake i Remington Woods
The Lake of Remington Woods Lives Nestled in the Forest.

The Vision for Bridgeport and Fairfield county, is to preserve Remington Woods in its entirety as an intact living Forest Community, a Wildlife and Nature Preserve with walking paths. A living community of plants and animals in perpetuity,  protected  habitat, native plants, no development, or other uses, no invasive activity. Not a park. A place where people can respectfully experience Wildlife and Nature and reconnect to Nature.

A New Future is needed. One that will not repeat the mistakes that lead to the crisis of pandemic, global life system breakdown, crashed economy, inequity. They were all caused by our culture’s not valuing Life / Nature.

The divide and conquer tactics of domination that set whites against blacks, human life against wildlife, people against Nature, need to end. It is killing us all. The vision is to acknowledge the reality that we are all part of the one living interconnected Earth, what is good for Nature is good for us all. We can only survive if we realize this and work for a healthy livable planet for all life. We need to acknowledge the reality that we are part of Nature, we depend on Nature for everything we have, Nature protects us, we need to protect Nature.

That would ensure that all the many life support services the forest provides would continue to benefit both people and wildlife, make available an opportunity to respectfully enjoy and reconnect with Nature. It would be a crucial step to a livable future.

We could enjoy the physical healing benefits, improved concentration, mental calmness, and de stressing that Forest community provides. There is nothing like the experience of a glimpse of wildlife in their safe home. It reconnects us to the rest of the life of the planet which we all share. Experiencing the beauty, and wonder of Nature can be a profound life changing experience, that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

We could enter the future knowing we are all one, all in it together, all a part of the same miraculous Life that graces this planet. The only planet we know of in the universe which has life. That we are all interconnected and every being plant or animal has intrinsic value and its place. We could enter the future with respect, and caring.

Remington Woods needs to be Preserved as a refuge and oasis for wildlife and people alike. We need to leave a legacy of Life.

We are joined by many caring aware people who want to preserve the Woods, for the health and well being of people, and who truly value Nature. They look forward to the day when they can walk in this wild place, glimpse wildlife living freely in their safe homes. Where they can go to shed their urban stress, and replace it with peace, health. Where they can breathe in air freshly cleaned by living trees, be renewed by the healing, inspired by the beauty, embrace respect. Where they can experience the awe and wonder of reconnection to life, Where they can embrace and be embraced by a profound respect. Respect for Nature, Respect for themselves, Respect for others. Where they can remember they are part of the miracle of life on this planet.

Only a wild fully protected place can provide the healing that Bridgeport needs, can give the children of Bridgeport what they need to enter the future equipped with a Respect for Nature that their lives depend on.


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