A Group
drew a line, a wall
denying the value of others and claiming they are superior, they use that as an excuse to exploit
Prejudice takes on many forms, but it is the same process
only the targets and excuses change.
Most human cultures are prejudice against the Living World, Nature.
Prejudice dominates for power over others and controll.
Nothing left, not even enough for LIFE to survive.

Prejudice against Nature, in our culture is invisible, all pervasive and threatens every living being on the Planet. As sex and race are used for excuses to be prejudice,  species is used as an excuse for the prejudice against the Living World, Nature.


• Pandemic caused by wildlife trade, abuse of animals.
• Economy collapse as a result of pandemic.
• Toxic  (normal) economy that pollutes, takes more than can be regenerated, and kills the life giving world which is leading to ecocide.
• Suffering and illness in planetary life which includes humans.
• Fosters prejudice. All types of prejudice need to be erased.
• Destruction of the living World which includes humans.

We Use 150% Every Year
In the Last 40 Years Half of Worlds Wildlife was Destroyed


First we need to make the prejudice visible and admit it is there. Then we need to replace the prejudice with respect for the intrinsic value of the Living World and it’s unprecedented value as the only life we know of in the universe. We have to recognize we are part of and not superior to Nature.

We need to recognize Nature is alive and needs space, safety, clean air and water. We need to know that diversity of plant and animals all contributed to keeping Nature healthy and alive, which in turn keeps us alive,  We need to change our priorities of power and profit to respect for the intrinsic value of all life, and regeneration.

You don’t solve prejudice by working to undo prejudice against one group in a way that enables prejudice against another. First we need to identify the prejudice group and what they are doing. We then need to create a new paradigm where all are included, their intrinsic value acknowledged, their diversity celebrated, and where all are allowed to thrive.

Only Together Can We Enter The Future.

It needs to be acknowledged that all life including human and non human has intrinsic value. We need to replace a culture that values power over and profit, with a culture that values the organic power of Life and respect.

We need to break down the walls of prejudice and reconnect with the Living World of which we are a part.

The Living world needs a place and we need a place to heal and reconnect with Nature. In Bridgeport that place is Remington Woods.

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