We Need Remington Woods
It explains some of the reasons why it is crucial to save this precious, Living Forest Community.
Video by Lela Florel. Please Watch and Share

Who Wants to Preserve Remington Woods?
Once people are told about it, almost everybody wants to preserve the Woods! The reasons are many.
Video by Lela Florel.


City Council Talks Video
Some powerful testimony. Six people talked several more showed up in support.
Video by Stan Heller TSVN The    2019

Stan Heller TSVN The
9:08 to 12:06 Preserving Remington Woods

• Stan Heller  TSVN The  Interviews Lela Florel about Preserve Remington Woods. August 2021



• Sept, 2021 Mike Merli interviews Lela Florel about Remington Woods.…/listen/331376/mic-check


• Dec. 2019 Lela Florel  interview about Preserve Remington Woods, by Mike Merli.

Mic Check WPKN

• Beth of Lady Beth’s Unity Grove interviewed Lela Florel and J.D.Smith about Preserve Remington Woods.
WVOF  88.5FM

News Articles

• The West Haven Call
Climate – End of Civilization Issues – July 2020
Don’t Tear Down This Woods
By Stan Heller

• The Pequonnock
News and commentary about Connecticut and the Nation
July 15, 2020|
Flooding Linked to Remington Woods Development
By Reginald Johnson

• Article World News
Preserve Remington Woods
By Reg Johnson

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