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Preserve Remington Woods is a grass roots organization based in Bridgeport, CT., Founded by Lela Florel born and raised in Bridgeport, long time and current resident, former business owner. She had the good fortune to experience Nature and wants that for our community, along with the all the other benefits the Woods provides. Preserve Remington Woods consists of a dedicated group in the community who are committed to that goal.

People from many areas support Preserve Remington Woods, as it has wide implications for Fairfield County and beyond. We are strictly a volunteer organization, do not get paid, do not ask for money, and are not funded by any organization.

Preserving Remington Woods is our goal. We have been committed since the beginning to achieving that goal. We are happy to work with anyone who shares the goal of Preserving Remington Woods in it’s entirety as a Wildlife Nature Preserve with walking paths, in perpetuity, no development, or any other uses.


Lela Florel    /     J.D. Smith



We work with other caring people and community groups.

Gen Now


 Bridgeport Tree Defenders


Fort Hill Farm

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