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Preserve Remington Woods is a grass roots Bridgeport Based organization with the purpose of Preserving Remington Woods as a Nature Wildlife preserve with walking paths, no development or other uses. We do not ask for money, we are all volunteer, we are committed to the goal. We work with groups such as the DSA to accomplish this goal.

Remington Woods is 422 acre living forest community in Bridgeport and Stratford. 347 acres in Bridgeport, 75 in Stratford. The rare living forest community is threatened with destruction.

Forest, wetlands, meadows, vernal pools, and a sparkling 23 acre lake, is home to diverse wildlife. Over 70 species of birds, both migrating and resident, mammals, others, from fish, fox, frogs, ducks, deer, wood turtles, nesting eagles, sparrow hawks, night heron, raccoons, raptors and more, all depend on and contribute to the forest community.

The Forest community is not a dead thing to be given away. It is living Nature of which we are apart. What is good for the forest is good for us.

It is currently closed to the public for an EPA mandated cleanup.

The Forest community, by it’s very existence, provides crucial life supporting services 24/7 for free to the surrounding human community, even when closed to the public. If preserved in its entirety and opened with non invasive walking paths, it’s benefits to the people would increase.

Fairfield county has some of the most polluted air in the country. Trees clean the air, it has been proven that there is less illness around the Woods.

Air pollution
Illness physical and mental
Crime and violence
Urban Stress
Severe Heat
Severe storms
Polluted water
Soil erosion
Global climate crisis
Environmental racism
Generational Nature Amnesia
Nature Deficit Disorder

Cleaner air
Cooler air
Physical and mental healing and health
Emotional Health
Cleaner Water
Soil fertility
Lower energy use
Profound experience of Nature
Habitat, food for wildlife
Enhanced view
Reconnection to Nature
Tourist Attraction

The Woods Protects Us
The Woods cleans polluted air, protects against flooding, heat, storms, illness, stress, and more. It helps protect against the worst effects of pandemic, lessens environmental racism, and helps fight global climate crisis.

The Woods Delights Us
An oasis for walking, jogging, photography, painting, yoga, birding, observing other animals and plants, benches for relaxation, experiencing Nature, and just being. We could enjoy learning about the Woods, and how we are all connected. Informational signage, could tell the story of the community of plants, animals, their connections to each other and our connections to them, could inform us of our shared story. offering a profound experience, a chance to reconnect with Nature.

We need to reconnect to Nature to overcome Generational Nature Amnesia, Nature Deficit Disorder and the prejudice against Nature. These attitudes are driving ecocide which is destroying Nature, which includes us, and the ability for life to exist on Earth. Only then will we be prepared to make decisions about a sustainable livable planet. You don’t protect what you don’t love. You can’t love it if you don’t experience it. You can’t experience it if it doesn’t exist. Nature needs a place. In Bpt. that place is Remington Woods.

Preserving the Woods would foster Bridgeport’s goals of valuing Nature, environmental education, and a healthy and livable city.

The goal for Bridgeport and Fairfield county, is to preserve Remington Woods in its entirety as an intact living Forest Community, a Wildlife and Nature Preserve with walking paths. A living community of plants and animals in perpetuity, protected habitat, native plants, no development, or other uses, no invasive activity. Not a park. A place where people can respectfully experience Wildlife and Nature and reconnect to Nature.

Most people don’t know about the woods. We have talked to hundreds of Bridgeport residents, when told about the woods about 95% of them enthusiastically support preserving it. In spite of the prejudice against Nature people know instinctively how healing and beneficial Nature is.

Videos about Preserving Remington Woods:

DuPont a hundred year notorious polluter, has a spin off Corteva, who produces toxic chemicals, and who owns the woods. They have plans to develop it. Splitting it in two with a road and multiple commercial buildings that they would decide on.

The woods must be preserved in its entirety, destroying any portion would destroy the woods. There are also interests in and out of Bridgeport that want to destroy the woods for there own purposes. 2 things cannot exist in the same space. We don’t want to just shift around the power to exploit, we want to stop the exploitation. Any other use of the woods would destroy the trees and kill the wildlife and diminish the crucial benefits the forest community contributes to the people.

Win Win
is to use existing vacant commercial buildings for increased commerce. To use vacant lots, schoolyards etc. for community gardens and landscaping. To use existing parks for ballfields and other such uses.This would reduce urban blight, improve the cities image without destroying the precious Natural treasure with it’s crucial life supporting benefits.

DuPont’s spin off Corteva will be making decisions as to what goes into the Woods unless we change the Zoning, to “Nature Wildlife Preserve”
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Remington Woods
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