Crucial life support services are provided by this forest community 24/7 for free, to people, wildlife and the larger community. From lessening the effects of pandemic, protection from flooding, decreasing  energy bills, providing shelter and food for a fawn, to reducing biodiversity loss, deforestation, and global heating, this forest gives countless life supporting gifts.

• HEALTH The Pandemics would be worse if the Woods were destroyed. We have some of the dirtiest air in the country. Forest cleans air and greatly reduces illness. It is proven that walking in a forest improves physical and mental health, increases concentration, learning and a gives a sense of well being.

• HAPPINESS A peaceful walk in the Woods, the surprise of a bird landing in the lake, spotting an eagle’s flight or a fawn in the sunlight, are wonders that connect us to life. We can relax, rejuvenate, experiencing beauty, wonder, awe, a profound experience of connection with Nature and self.

• SAFETY Being in the Forest is proven to reduce crime and violence. It is an antidote to urban stress. It provides crucial life support systems that we need for our physical safety. It helps with global breakdown. Stressed wildlife find home and safety.


• Cleans Air, binds toxic substances, improving health. See below and Pandemic.
• Holds carbon, absorbs CO2, helps control Global Heating.
• Gives off Oxygen, which we need to breathe.
• Cools Air and shades, protects from summer time heat, reduces ultraviolet radiation UV-B by 50%,
• Calms winds, reduces severity of storms.
• Lowers Energy use, saves money
• Reduces Global Heating
• Cleans Water
• Protects from floods, absorbs flood causing runoff. See Flooding


• Aids Soil fertility and erosion control
Mitigates drought     
Habitat and food for Wildlife, even non endangered are in severe need.
• Aids physical Healing of people.
• Aids mental and emotional well being.
Offers profound experience of living Nature.
• Reduces crime and violence
• Encourages physical activity, walking, jogging.
• Enhances the view
• Reduces noise
• Raises property values



This                                    or this

The pandemic would be worsened by destroying the Woods. Bridgeport which already suffers from environmental racism, has a higher degree of illness in the community of  color. This leaves us more susceptible to the worst effects of the pandemic. Bridgeport is already the hardest hit city in the state by the pandemic.

• Fairfield County has the least amount of forests in the state.

• Fairfield county has some of the worst ozone pollution in the USA. Fairfield county ranks 19th out of 981 counties in the USA, for the worst ozone pollution in the country.

• Ozone pollution causes: developmental harm, reproductive harm, asthma attack, wheezing and coughing, shortness of breath, cardiovascular harm, susceptibility to infection, lung tissue redness, swelling, and premature death.

The largest environmental health risk factor in the US is air pollution.

Coming from sources like tailpipes and coal power smokestacks, it is especially dangerous pollution. It’s made up of fine particles that can pass into lungs and blood stream, triggering strokes, heart attacks, cardiovascular and respiratory disease. It is often found in urban areas such as Bridgeport. It can travel for many miles and blow across states.

Crime rates actually rise when air pollution rises. Air pollution causes people to have lower test scores which can affect their future opportunities.

 Air pollution is a serious threat to our health and safety.

Bridgeport deserves clean air.

Trees Clean the Air
Trees significantly reduce ozone concentrations, as well as cleaning the air of other air pollutants. Trees absorb and break down most of the major air pollutants, ground level ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide.

They exhale life giving oxygen. One tree produces enough oxygen in a season for ten people to breath for a year. They absorb CO2 a major contributor to climate crisis. The U.S. Forest Service found that every $1 spent on planting trees delivers about $5.82 in public benefits.

It is proven that Forests improve human health, in some countries a walk in the forest is prescribed by doctors. Forest’s improve physical and mental health, along with all the other life supporting services they provide.

Preserve Remington Woods, which gives so many life supporting services to the surrounding community. As a wildlife refuge and urban oasis, we can leave a legacy of life, for a healthy community.

Forest in shape of lumgs with bird flying
Remington Woods, the Lungs of Fairfield County
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