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Preserve Remington Woods from Destruction

Action Change The Zoning

We need to change the Zoning!
Here’s How:

1. Go to Zone Bridgeport :

2. Map – scroll up to top right of Bridgeport.
3. Drop a pin in the purple section upper right, or write
Address 615 Asylum St. Bridgeport, CT 06610.
(Feel free to use your own words or the text below.)
4. Describe your concern about the current zoning
Remington Woods, 615 Asylum St. Bridgeport, CT 06610, 422 acres of forest community. It is zoned: l-l, Industrial Light Zone.That zoning needs to be removed from the entirety of Remington Woods. Any development would destroy the forest community. That would increase physical and mental illness, increase our risk in pandemics, worsen our resilience to and add to the climate and wildlife crisis, vital environmental services would be lost putting the city at risk, we would not be able to meet the goal of valuing Nature. We would be part of the problem.
5. How could it be improved?
Change the entirety of Remington Woods zoning to a zone that would be for a protected wildlife, nature preserve with walking paths, no development. Use existing vacant commercial buildings for expanded commerce. Remington Woods needs to be preserved in it’s entirety as a wildlife nature preserve, with walking paths. This would ensure the continuance of the many critical life services it currently provides, as well as adding more with respectful human access. The real benefits of health both physical and mental, quality of life, cleaning the air, carbon sequestration, lower energy costs, flood control, cooling the air, reducing storms, wildlife protection, and much more would be secured. Bridgeport would be healthier, happier, safer. and making a sustainable future for this area. We would be part of the solution. We depend on Nature for our survival, Nature needs it’s place. In Bridgeport that place is Remington Woods.
6. Fill out your name, email,
not a robot and Submit.


1. Change the Zoning
Remove the current Zoning of light industerial from the entirety of Remington Woods.
Replace it with zoning that specifies preservation of the entirety of Remington Woods as a Nature Wildlife preserve. Do not issue any permits or licenses to use or extract from Remington Woods.

2. Restore the Damage
Restore the damaged areas by planting native trees and vegetation, non GMO, in accordance with how a  Natural forest would be.

3. Preserve the Woods
Preserve Remington Woods in its enterity as a wildlife Nature Preserve with walking paths, in perpetuity, no development, respectful access. 

How you can be Involved

•  Sign and Share our petition. Preserve Remington Woods from Destruction
•  Change the zoning, please see below.
•  Visit, like and share our Facebook page Facebook: PreserveRemingtonWoods
•  Write to media.
•  Tell your friends. Let’s Make it an issue.
•  Contact to your politicians in Bridgeport and state.
•  Speaking to groups is a way of spreading the word. Is there a group that you know of that we could speak to, or an event we could table at?
•  Volunteer

Get in touch with us, we would greatly appreciate your involvement as there are many areas that could use whatever you have to offer.

Thank you for your interest in preserving the life of the planet and this precious, life giving, forest community.

Lela Florel

Tabeling for Preserve Remington Woods, two people talking
Remington Woods on the Border of Bridgeport Stratford CT.
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